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אין מוצרים בעגלה

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About us

Our concept: The accessory that becomes essential!

The head cover becomes the essential accessory of your wardrobe that adapts to all occasions. For those who cover their heads out of belief, for love of fashion, or those who suffer from temporary alopecia, the headscarf will highlight your femininity.

Introducing new products in line with current trends to develop the use of head accessories has been our passion for over 15 years!

Rinati Lakel is an innovative brand that has designed the volume base called “Boubou” to be placed under your headscarf, beret or others. We have designed and developed a series of unique models, each with its shape and a practical fastening system for maximum comfort.

Our products are made with care in our workshop and are thought to be easy to put on, light and comfortable, thanks to our hair volumizer, The BOUBOU.

Your expectations are our challenges!

Essentials & Simplicity

Hair accessories have become indispensable in our wardrobe. They complement and embellish your fashion outfits day and night. Every end of a day is a new beginning for tomorrow


Each outfit is influenced or influences the way you choose your headscarf, snood or turban hat. Choosing the right one, shaping it, has become a creative moment during which you reinvent new infinite possibilities.


Wearing a head covering accessory means following the codes of a spiritual woman’s life who is active in the fashion #modest #tznius community. You share a collective passion: expressing your belief and keeping on being fashionable.

The Begining

Dentist and fashionista at heart, following a domestic accident 20 years ago, Rinati was seriously burned resulting in temporary alopecia. She then struggles to find pretty headscarves to cover her head while she recovers and notices that they tend to slip and do not hold well on the hair. She then thought about a solution and decided to create prototypes of volume bases which would later become the famous “booboo”. Following the success of her first models, she began designing head accessories. She ended up opening her boutique to sublimate women around the world thanks to her ingenious and ultra-trendy models!

How to get to our place?

  1. Get off at the tram station “City hall” in Jerusalem
  2. In the direction of the wall turn right
  3. turn the second right into “Yanai” St. no. 13
  4. Welcome and Good shopping!