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Headscarf Evening Beige Satin

Yomi or yom yom?


This is a classic from the Rinati Lakel line. It consists of a long rectangle that allows you to tie it in different ways, as well as a scrunchy that makes more volume . What does it add? A special finishing for a sensational result! Evening scarf, day scarf, plain or printed, in any case, you will be seduced by this timeless model.

Why the yom yom is made for me? I love to vary the knots, just a challenge!

Description : 100% Satin (1.48 / 0.50m) Option: Flower-shaped scrunch


It differs from the Yom Yom only in its length – shorter – and its two stitches forming a pocket to facilitate the knotting. Elegant and easy to tie, it’s particularly suitable for flower-shaped tying on the side.

Why the yomi is made for me? Its two stitches allow me to be chic with a simple knot.

Description: 100% Satin  (1.43 / 0.50 m) Option: flower-shaped scrunchy

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